Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey Soldier Man, I'm just a child

Hey soldier man look down at me,
Try not to ignore that I'm only three..

Remember the park they made you destroy,
I played there many times with my friend's and my toy's..

You see that school, the one over there,
I was listening to my teacher when she told me to care..

So I promise not to be mad at you,
It's your job that makes you do what you do..

Maybe you have children and Maybe they are three,
Maybe they look real similar to me..

I hope you never have to do it again,
And I hope maybe someday we can be friends..

Soldier I know you can understand,
What it's like for a kid to live in these lands..

I need a home with shelter and love,
Both parents to raise me and Allah up above..

You welcome to visit and your family too,
But, why not go home and see how we do..

#sorry if there is any mistake

Palestine my Revolution my Love..” – Humaira

25 Jamadil Akhir 1433H

1 comment:

  1. Dunia bagaikan membisu.. melihat sahaja walaupun mengetahui ada jasad yang terkaku menderita!

    geramm! kadang2 sy pun geram dgn diri sendiri!!
    hanya doa yg dipanjatkan..

    Ada suria buatmu palestin dan negara islam yg lain.Ya,sebelah kaki mu sudah melangkah syurga i'A :')

    sy sangat emosii.
    minta maaf


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