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Tough Stuff
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 | 2:49 AM | 0 speak(s)

Ever watched someone step on a butterfly’s wing
Or have someone take one of your things
Thought you saw the truth in someone’s eyes
Then you find out later it was all just a lie
Ever had someone change from friend to foe
As the world around you is stuck on “go”
You want to keep on dreaming a wonderful dream
To realize later it’s not what it seems
You wanted to run, but found you can’t hide
In a room where there’s no one there by your side
I’ve been where you’ve been…
I’ve seen what you’ve seen
So my word of advice-for your life please take care
What you have now might not always be there.

“Sometimes if you want to be a winner, you have to be willing to bear the scars from the fight.” - Humaira

02 April 2013
21 Jamadil Awal 1434H


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Hello To Yourself

Hello to myself hello to myself
Will you comfort me, saying don’t cry?
Hello to myself hello to myself
Will you tell me that I can do it?

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